English firmware for Xiaomi MiJia radio walkie-talkie (MJDJJ01FY)

One of the star products of Xiaomi is its walkie-talkie. The truth is that I am very happy with it, the design is exquisite and its battery lasts long enough to forget to charge it. But the bad thing was that the user interface was only in Chinese, which is very complicated to understand.
Even though the Internet indicates that it already has an interface in English, they do not say how to update it or the steps for this, treating it as if it were a secret …
Well after searching a lot I found the right steps to update it. It can be done with both iPhone and Android.

On iPhone we will download the My PTT application.

Mi PTT iPhone

In Android if we do not have a Xiaomi phone (we do not have access to the Xiaomi app store) we simply go to Mi App Store (Also, we must have enabled on the phone the option that allows us to open applications from other locations).

Mi App Store

Then we look for I installed the My PTT.

Mi PTT Android

Now comes the trick, in order to update the firmware to English, the first thing we should do is change the language of the phone interface. Yes, you must change the language of the phone to English (United States). Once this is done, the application will also change to English instead of Chinese.
In the second step we will look for the option to update the firmware of the walkie-talkie. The application will indicate that the language of the application will be unified with the application. When the walkie-talkie is updated, its interface will be in English.

Mi PTT Update Firmware

It is not necessary to have the application installed to use it, so it can be remove without problems. Channels can be added in the same device. One of the good things that are added when updating the firmware is the support of the band 440-470. That is, you can configure the PMR446 channels (At least here in Europe are allowed for public use).

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